Yashoda Jayanti: Story, Rituals and Benefits

Probably, the most beautiful in the entire epic of Lord Krishna is the kind of relationship that he shares with Yashoda Mata. The love and the bond is an example of the unmatched emotions that a mother has for her child. From the littlest mischiefs to the grief of separation that was bound to happen when Krishna left Gokul for Mathura, there have been numerous instances that would melt the heart of the reader.

While it is difficult not to love the mischievous Krishna, it is equally difficult not to feel what the sensitive heart of a mother feels for her kid, along with Yashoda. With that immense love between the two, one might not be able to make out that Yashoda was not the real mother of Lord Krishna. When he was born to Devaki in a jail cell, his father Vasudev carried him to the house of Yashoda and Nanda just to keep him safe from Kansa's sight and reach.

When Was Krishna's Mother Born?

Lord Krishna's birth at the house of Yashoda was celebrated in the entire village of Gokul. His birthday every year is celebrated as Janmashtami.

The birth anniversary of Yashoda Mata is known as Yashoda Jayanti. Yashoda was born on the Shashthi Tithi during Falgun month as per the Hindu calendar.

Yashoda Jayanti Rituals

The devotees should wake up early and take bath during the Brahma Muhurat on the day of Yashoda Jayanti. They should worship Mata Yashoda as well as Lord Krishna on this day. Offer a red dupatta to the Goddess along with Panjiri and sweet chapati as the sweets to the Goddess and Lord Krishna (baby Krishna). The baby form of Lord Krishna is worshipped on this day along with Mata Yashoda.

The day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Gokul, the village of Lord Krishna, where Yashoda Mata stayed with him and Nanda. Prayers are offered to her in the temples as well.

Benefits of Observing Yashoda Jayanti

While it is said that the one who worships her on this day, is blessed with a baby soon, another belief is that Yashoda Jayanti can also help one become more prosperous and reduce the conflicts often occurring at home, if any. One can donate a copper pot filled with wheat. This helps to increase financial soundness. The red sacred thread (moli) can be tied at the main gate of the house. This helps to reduce the conflicts and such issues at home, if any.