Andal Jayanti: Significance of this Festival

Andal Jayanti: Significance of this Festival

Andal Jayanti is a significant festival observed in Tamil Nadu, India. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Andal, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. The day is observed as the birth anniversary of Goddess Andal. The festival goes on for 10 days and is also known as Aadi Pooram. The festival is celebrated during the Aadi month. This is one of the months according to the Tamil calendar.


  • On this day, people wake up early and begin the preparations for the 10-day festival.

  • Women decorate their houses with flowers, leaves and kolam (rangoli).

  • Goddess Andal is offered lotus flower, red colour and kalkandu rice. Devotees make sure to offer these things to the deity and worship her.

  • While in the temples, the idol of Goddess Andal is adorned with silk, gold jewellery and garland.

  • Traditional music is played and the Goddess is offered offerings prepared by the people.

  • In the end, aarti is performed and prasad is distributed among the people.


  • It is a 10-day festival that is observed with full dedication and devotion in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

  • During this festival, people visit the temples of Lord Vishnu and offer prayers to him.

  • For the 10-days, people worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi with utmost dedication.

  • On the 10th day, Goddess Andal and Lord Ranganathswamy are married according to the rituals.