Why Narad Muni is Known as Wandering Sage

Why Narad Muni is Known as Wandering Sage

History of Hinduism mentions the names of many sages. The human age has been divided into four Yugas, as per Hinduism. While other things are different, there is something which is common to all the Yugas.

Sages, the devotees of the Lord have existed in every Yuga. There can be found the description of men, who renounced the world and became hermits, either after some life-changing events in their lives or out of their own inclination towards spirituality.

For example, saint Valmiki who is credited with having written the Ramayana, was a robber and thief. When nobody from his family agreed to share the fruits of his misdeeds, he left and made the forest his home, where he would sit and perform deep meditation.

Similarly, there was Tulsidas, who renounced the materialistic life after being rebuked by his wife. He too went and started living in the forests. These householders turned saints would make their abodes known as Ashramas in the forests and live there.

They would go out to collect food either from the forests or from the nearby villages in the form of Bhiksha (another name for beggary). The remaining time of the day, they would spend offering prayers to God or performing meditation and other forms of penance.

The Wandering Sage - Narad Muni

However, there was one sage who is known as 'a wandering sage' because he would keep wandering from one place to the other and had no house of his own. He was a master of Veena, well learned in music and singing as well as the knower of all the Vedas and religious laws.

He was very clever, had a sharp mind and intellectual personality. He is sometimes also referred to as the first journalist of the world as well because of his habit of transferring the information from one place to the other.

There are many stories written in our scriptures which tell us about his mischievous nature as well. But why did he not have a place to live in, an abode to take some rest or an ashrama (place where saints live) to perform his daily prayers and meditative penances?

How He Became a Wanderer

The reasons behind Narad Muni being a wanderer can be traced back to the Satya Yuga, when Lord Brahma decided to create the universe. Devarishi Narad and Daksh Prajapati are believed to be brothers, the sons of Lord Brahma himself.

The story says that while Narad Muni became a sage, his brother, King Daksh Prajapati decided that he would help his father create the universe. As a blessing he got thousands of sons, all of whom he told to get married and become householders, so that there would be sufficient people in the world that his father had created.

One day, all the sons of Daksh Prajapati were taking a bath in a river, when Narad Muni happened to pass by. The boys asked their uncle sage to tell some intelligent knowledgeable stories to them. As is obvious what else can sage preach other than the preciousness of the name of the God.

He told the boys the importance of becoming a sage and the worth of giving your life for Gods' worship. He explained that this materialistic world is actually a myth, which fades away as the old age comes nearer. He told them that the only permanent pleasure in life is the pleasure that flows in the name of God.

Hearing all his preachings, the boys got so inspired that they all renounced the materialistic world and became celibates, leaving the aim of building up a world.

His Brother Cursed Him

Well, this was much against what Daksh Prajapati had wanted them to do. He wanted his sons to become householders, whereas they had then become celibates. He was annoyed to such an extent that he cursed his own brother, Narad Muni, who was a deep devotee of God.

The curse said that he will keep wandering from one place to another and will never have a house of his own. He will have to wander and offer his prayers to the Gods. That is the reason why Narad Muni is always depicted spreading the bliss of divine power everywhere by chanting Lord Vishnu's name and singing prayers to him.