When Ganesha Questioned the Prosperity of Kubera

When Ganesha Questioned the Prosperity of Kubera

Lord Ganesha is the embodiment of perfection. The one who himself has an imperfect body, with a pot belly, a broken tusk and the head of an elephant, blesses everybody with the boon of perfection. He is often also considered as the best friend of kids because of his cute childlike depictions.

Stories abound on the way he protects his devotees, how he loves his parents and those of his uncontrollable appetite. One amongst these stories is the story of Ganesha and Kubera.

Lord Kubera is worshipped as the Hindu god of wealth. Lord Kubera is a god who loves and blesses all his devotees with prosperity. However, pride may affect anybody, be it gods or demons, but it does not go unaccounted for.

Lord Kubera as the Richest

Once, Lord Kubera was pondering over his highly wealthy status. He thought that since he is the richest among the gods, he must organise a feast for all the gods so that he can show off his prosperity. Hence, he organised a feast. All the gods know that Lord Ganesha eats a lot, hence, they always prepare more to satisfy his appetite.

Ganesha has the blessing from his father to be invited first to any holy occasion, before all the other gods, for the occasion to become a success. Therefore, Lord Kubera invited him first to the feast.

Ganesha as the Guest

The first to reach the meeting was Ganesha only, seeing whom Kubera was delighted beyond measures. But Ganesha, as soon as he reached, asked for something to eat. Lord Kubera, who had expected this, took him to the room where Ganesha was supposed to be served food.

The food lover that he was, Lord Ganesha's mouth watered when he saw the variety of delicious items placed for him. He quickly sat down to eat, beginning with his favourite, sweet dishes. Within a few moments of the first serving, Ganesha had eaten it all. Well, Lord Kubera had expected this too. Hence, he had already made the arrangements for extra food to be served. Ganesh was again offered more food.

But much to his surprise Ganesha finished that too and asked for even more. A little worried by now, Lord Kubera felt sorry, but soon arranged for more food. The even bigger surprise was when Ganesha ate away that too and asked for yet more. He was again served more. This went on until he had actually eaten so much that the food fell short for the remaining guests.

Lord Ganesha Ended the Excessive Pride of Lord Kubera

Since Lord Ganesha knew that it was Lord Kubera's excessive pride that was the real factor behind the feast, he asked him why he was invited if he had no resources to satisfy his guests. Hearing this, Lord Kubera realised the mistake he made and decided never to let pride overpower him ever again. He knew by then that the intention of Ganesha had been to make him realise that he had been attacked by a demonic quality and that he, being a god, should let go of it as soon as possible.

This applies to everybody. When Lord Kubera, being a god, could not avoid pride, it is no new thing for humans to let it control them. It is said in Hinduism that with excessive wealth comes excessive pride, which is followed by destruction. Excessive pride brought the end of Ravana in the Ramayana, Kansa in the Mahabharata, etc. Therefore, one must avoid it during all circumstances.

Thus, the pot-bellied, elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha, brings perfection not only to the outer self of people but to the one inside, the soul, as well.