Vidur Niti: Things That Make You Lucky and Happy

Vidur Niti: Things That Make You Lucky and Happy

Vidura, a character who left for us a number of values and morals to learn from, is remembered till today. A virtuous man, this uncle of the Kauravas and the Pandavas has been an inspiration to all of us and keeps inspiring us through his then given quotes.

From his quotes, we have brought to you one in which Vidura has explained the six signs of a happy life. The one who has these 6 situations, is the happiest and the most satisfied of all. Read here the Shloka, which goes as follows:

Aarogyam Anrinyam Vipravasah Sardhimanushyah Sah Smaprayogah

Swapratyaya Vrittirbhitvasah Shad Jivanlokasya Sukhani Rajan

1. Health

The one who is free from all the diseases is free of most of the worries in the world. Since bad health invites a lot of other worries, one should try to keep their health in the most perfect condition. This further also affects a person's earning capacity and hence their happiness.

2. Debts

One should never spend money lavishly more than what his income is. Trapped in the desires of the ever-running world in life, such a person does not hesitate to borrow money from friends. Borrowing pushes him in a vicious circle where he gets trapped. This also causes a lot of worries about repayment as well. Hence, one who is free of debts is actually happy.

3. Own Country

People have to travel across nations and stay away from their families at far off places so that they can earn well. One has to deal with everybody and everything that is new to him in a stranger's land. Staying in one's own country is one of the biggest pleasures of the world.

4. Company

The one who stays in the company of the educated learns a lot of new and better things in life. Those who keep learning new things and ethics and values from the people around them are the real go-getters who know about every situation. Hence, one should always stay away from bad company. The one who has good company can be called lucky and therefore happy.

5. Self-dependence

Real happiness lies in being able to earn for yourself. It gives a sense of satisfaction when one can earn money for others also and fulfil their desires. Depending on others for our happiness and not being able to fulfil the wishes of our dependants sinks the heart in sorrow and the self-respect goes away.

6. Fearlessness

Yes, another worthy possession is fearlessness. But fearlessness doesn't come easily. It requires two things. While one prerequisite is that all our actions should be right and lawful. Other rule says that we should also not have enmity with those who are stronger than us.