Vidur Niti: The One Who Has These 5 Things is Always Happy

Vidur Niti: The One Who Has These 5 Things is Always Happy

Vidur was the uncle of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Loved by Lord Krishna for his righteousness, Vidur had authored a book named Vidur Niti in which he has spoken about the right and wrong ways of living life.

The book thus preaches moral values and highlights the importance of virtues in life. Taken from the same book, here is a list of things that make a man happy. He who has these five things is always happy.

Multiple Sources Of Income

We live in a world where the economies run very fast and competition is very high. At such a time, we need to have multiple sources of income for a well-off life. Depending only on one source proves to be less for the growing needs of the present life.

Good Health

Physical ailments and diseases weaken a person both physically as well as mentally. This is harmful in the long run. Good health, a good state of mind and a motivation to work and earn more are all interrelated. The one who has good health feels stronger and happier.

Soft-spoken People

Those who speak sweetly and humbly with others succeed in winning their hearts. On the other hand, those who are always cribbing and criticising others find peace nowhere. Since people treat us the way we treat them, our attitude towards others determines that of theirs towards us.


The one who has knowledge can overcome all the problems in life. Knowledge is a possession greater than physical or financial wellness. As intelligence and knowledge help where both money and physical strength fail.

Obedient Children

For a man with a family, the welfare of his kids is his prime aim of life. Parents are happy and relaxed if the kids are obedient. Such children grow up to become successful and thus take proper care of their parents in their old age. Thus, it is said that the one who has obedient children is a lucky, happy and empowered person.