Vastu Shastra: Why South East Direction is Considered Inauspicious

Vastu Shastra: Why South East Direction is Considered Inauspicious

The southeast direction of the house is known as the churning zone. It is said that this direction invites jealousy, hatred and other such qualities in the person occupying it. This direction causes anxiety and tension in the individual. It also causes indecision and lack of confidence.

Also known as the Agni direction or the direction of fire, there are various rules prescribed by Vastu Shastra for this direction. If used appropriately, this direction can be very beneficial. One should be cautious about the Vastu rules of this direction.

Doors Associated With Southeast Direction

It is said that all the directions are divided into various doors (abstract doors described in Vastu Shastra). Door number 6 and 7 are located in the southeast direction. While on one hand, this direction is associated with determination, truth and will power, on the other hand it is also associated with anger. This direction also causes pain in shoulders.

Southeast Direction Vastu Problems

This direction also causes people to overthink, which all proves vain. That is why it is also known as the door of worries sometimes when the negative effects are reflected. Negative effects coming from this direction can cause problems on the work front, leading to both professional problems and conflicts. Financial issues are related to finding a good job, etc.

It might also cause heart issues such as heart diseases and depression leading to severe results. Dispute between a husband and wife can also be caused which can even lead to dire consequences such as divorce or even an extramarital affair.

Southeast Direction Wrong Vastu

A toilet, a bedroom and the entrance should especially not be located in this direction. A mirror should not be set up in this direction. A door located in this direction might cause envy among the family members. Sleeping in this direction might also cause a drive towards negative habits such as addiction for drugs, drinking or even sex. A plot of land that has been extended or cut off from this side is considered inauspicious.

It causes anxiety and indecision. Similarly, couples should avoid sharing a room in this direction. Otherwise, there might come differences between them. There should also not be a slope in this direction of the house.

Southeast Direction Vastu Plan

One can have a washing machine in this direction. A mixer can also be kept in this direction. Keeping an image of the cow called Kamdhenu helps on the monetary front. It causes an increase in wealth as well. It is auspicious if the walls or rooms in this direction are painted in cream or green colour.

A couple of rabbits is considered auspicious for this direction. Just as setting up an office in this direction is not correct, a set up of chair and table for working, set up in this direction is considered inauspicious as well. A storeroom and a shoe-rack are considered auspicious for this place.