The Story of Lord Krishna and the Fruit Seller

The Story of Lord Krishna and the Fruit Seller

Lord Krishna's stories have always been inspirational. They are not just examples of the prowess of the lord, but also leave the reader feeling the magic of God's grace on his life and his presence everywhere. From the many stories that our scriptures tell about Lord Krishna, the one about Lord Krishna and the fruit seller puts forth the love that the lord had for everyone around him.

It also explains that reaching the heart of the lord wouldn't take much but selflessness alone.

Krishna's Temptation For Butter

While mother Yashoda was churning the curd for butter, Krishna would not leave her at all, until she had removed that butter and given a share to him. The lustre and white colour of the butter were already giving him the pangs of hunger, when he heard a woman say - ''Mangoes, sweet mangoes, ripe mangoes''. It was a fruit vendor, going around selling mangoes in Gokul.

Krishna, A Silent Observer

Krishna's father Nandraj called out to the fruit seller - ''Hey, would you please come? We want some mangoes''. Krishna had been watching this sitting beside his mother, through the half-open door, from where half of the main entrance was visible where his father was standing. Just the next moment, the fruit seller was standing in front of the main door with two baskets of ripe golden mangoes. While she thought Nandraj would negotiate about the price of the mangoes, he asked her to wait for a moment, went inside and came with a basket full of grains.

A Basket of Grains for a Basket of Mangoes

The barter system was the mode of making purchases during those days. Goods were exchanged for goods. ''Would a basket of grains be sufficient if I want to purchase a basket of mangoes from you", asked Nandraj. The fruit seller nodded her head saying - ''No one has ever given me a full basket, generally people exchange it for half a basket of grains". Happily, she gave him the basket of mangoes.

Krishna Wants a Mango

Yashoda was still churning the butter out of the curd, but Krishna's attention was caught up by the happenings outside in the mango-grain deal. The little brain had understood by now that grains could be exchanged for mangoes. So, he ran inside in the storeroom, and came out with a fist full of grains carefully holding so that no grain should fall out. He rushed to the fruit seller and asked her - ''Would you give me some mangoes in exchange for these grains?'', while pouring the few grains that his palms could hold, into the palms of the lady.

A Basket of Grains or a Basket of Treasures

The fruit seller, noticed the beautiful black big eyes, and the locks of thick black hair falling on his forehead, which was graced by a peacock feather. The innocence on the face was an add on. Her eyes shone with love for baby Krishna. She happily took a mango out of her basket and put in Krishna's hands, ''Why not, Nandlala'', and to her surprise, as she lifted the other basket of mangoes, she noticed that the gains in the other basket had turned into jewels, rubies and gold. Speechless with joy, as the lady looked at little Krishna, he smiled back at her, eating the mango, and it was enough for the lady to know that the baby was a divine incarnation.