10 Mysterious Facts of Puri Jagannath Temple

10 Mysterious Facts of Puri Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Rath Yatra is celebrated every year in the month of Ashadh during Shukla Paksha from Prathama tithi. Lakhs of visitors and devotees come because of which high-security arrangements have to be put in place. This highlights the great celebrations that are held during this festival.

The temple of Jagannath Puri spreads in an area of 4,00,000 sq ft and the height extends up to 214 ft. This temple is one of the four primary pilgrimage sites for the Hindus. These sites, Badrinath, Dwarka, Jagannath Puri and Rameshwaram, are collectively known as Char Dham.

1. Sudarshan Chakra on the Peak

While standing before the temple, one cannot see the peak because of the excessive height of the temple. On the peak is placed a Sudarshan Chakra which seems to be facing you from whichever direction you might see it.

2. No Shadow

Science says that a shadow is always formed when light falls on an object. But the peak of the temple leaves no shadow despite the sun shining brightly before it. The reason is a mystery yet.

3. No Bird Flies over the Temple

Another fact yet more surprising is that never has a bird ever been seen flying above the temple.

4. No Air Craft Allowed to Fly Over It

Flying any object over the temple, including an aircraft, is prohibited.

5. Biggest Kitchen

The kitchen of the temple is believed to be the biggest kitchen in the world because the food never falls short whatever may be the number of devotees. It is believed that God ensures the availability of food for all his devotees.

6. Food Gets Consumed Completely with Closing of Temple Gates

Moreover, the food gets completely consumed the moment the doors are closed. Thereby meaning that the food is only for the devotees of Lord Jagannath and it is available only until the devotees keep coming. It is one of the most mysterious facts about the place. And no food gets wasted even if the number of deities are less on one day.

7. No Sound of the Sea

Though the temple is situated near the sea waters, no sound of the waves and tides is heard once you step beyond the Singh Dwar of the temple, or once the temple gates are closed. One can hear the sounds again when one steps out of the Singh Dwar.

8. Flag Flutters against the Direction of Wind

The flag or the divya dhwaj hoisted at the peak of the temple flutters against the movement of the wind. This again adds to the mystery of the temple.

9. Flag is Changed Every Day

The flag on the peak of the temple is changed every day; if it is not changed then the temple will have to remain closed for eighteen years, as it is believed by the followers.

10. Sea Breeze and Land Breeze

During the daytime, the breeze flows from the sea to the land and vice versa during the night. We all have learnt this in science. But the mystery of Jagannath Temple is that here it is the other way.

It is believed that God resides inside the temple and lives like a human being which is why he falls sick for fifteen days, and when he finally recovers from this illness the day is celebrated as the Rath Yatra day.

Rath Yatra is the most awaited festival of Jagannath Puri. Those who drag the chariot get blessed with salvation in their afterlife. New chariots are arranged every year for the Rath Yatra.