Karma - Its Meaning and How it Works

Karma - Its Meaning and How it Works

Sometimes, a person achieves lot of success despite very less efforts. Similarly, the other person might not be able to achieve good results despite the excessive hard work. For such cases, we hear people say - 'his past karma was good or, his past karma was bad', karma here referring to the deeds of the past life.

In other cases, when something unpleasant happens in the life, they would say, 'it's all what God had written in his bhagya (fate)'. They believe that life is planned by God. All that happens is according to his will.

But have you ever wondered how can both the things be possible? Either it is karma, and we get results according to that, or it is God who is writing our bhagya.

What is Karma?

What most of the people fail to understand is the real meaning of karma and associate it with bhagya. God is the ultimate parent. Why would he ever write things that are good for others and not good for the remaining others. All are his children.

Karma has come from the Sanskrit word - 'karma' and means the action, the doing. And bhagya means that, what has come in your share by default. That, which comes in our share, is either done by others, or a result of our past karma. Similarly, what we do, is karma for us and bhagya for others. A warrior's killing of his enemy is karma for him and bhagya for the enemy who has died.

It is not God, who decides what should come in our share, it is we ourselves. This is the result of the karma, the actions that we have done in the past life. Karma is the abstract thing which we give ourselves give birth to. It originates from us and comes back to us some day. What one causes to others will have to face the same thing one day or the other. The many unbelievable cases of unexpected thefts, unexpected losses etc., might be the result of our the negative actions that we may have done in the past life. We get to hear about such cases almost everyday.

How Karma Works?

There are millions of unbelievable but pitiable cases happening around the world for which we keep pondering about reasons but do not arrive at one. A minor accident but major wounds, a man cheats another, a brother kills his own brother, a servant murders the owner, especially when there seem no chances at all seeing the high level of understanding between both.

Many a time, a person, who is always so particular of time, happens to get late, and the same day meets with an accident. Later we keep on thinking why after all did he get late. However, such cases do happen and the karma theory says, they are the results of all the karmas, that we have done in the past life. It says, the results of our past deeds would not change their target, come what may. What one does in one life will surely come back to him in some day. This is how karma works.

Lord Krishna has said in the Geeta - ''focus on the karma and not on its results''. This clearly signifies that what we can control is our actions in this life, the results are a mix of our past actions as well as of the past karmas. The past karma might or might not affect the result of the present karma. If we have done good in the past life, we will definitely get good results of our present efforts. The result in such cases is as per the level of effort put in.

We often observe that meeting some people lighten us up, whereas meeting the others we might not feel so happy. Karma theory explains it as, the kind of relationship we have with a person in this life is again because of the relationship we have had with that person in the past life. Experiencing troubles from a person in this life, might mean, we having troubled them in the previous life. Karma sees us not as humans but as souls, and it never fails to find the person whom it had initially come from. Therefore, it always reaches him and gives him the same results some day.

This is where spirituality comes into play. Knowing the reason for a particular suffering makes it easier for a person to tolerate it. It gives the person the required strength and the right kind of spiritual understanding. Spirituality awakens the inner self of the person and teaches him the right way of dealing with it.