How to Please Lord Shani and Seek His Blessings

How to Please Lord Shani and Seek His Blessings

In Hindu Mythology, Lord Shani (Saturn) is considered to be the God of Justice. He rewards or punishes a person on the basis of his or her good or bad deeds. He is the one who either blesses a person with a happy and prosperous life or punishes one with several challenges and problems.

Therefore, Hindus are often seen worshipping Lord Shani and trying to please him. Often people visit astrologers to seek help in pleasing and gaining the blessings of Lord Shani. The astrologers also tell various ways in which one can reduce the wrath of Lord Shani in one's life.

1. Chant Shani Satotra and Mantras

The power of Shani Satotra and other Shani Mantras can make some notable impact on your life. It can bring positivity and prosperity in your life. This is because these mantras are quite dear to Lord Shani and He blesses those who chant these mantras with utmost devotion. These are the impulses of consciousness. Also, these mantras will relieve you from the unnecessary worries and fears of your life.

2. Be Kind To Others

This is another way of impressing Lord Shani. He blesses those who are kind-hearted. A person who is jealous of others or gains pleasure by hurting others can never gain blessings from Lord Shani. He is fond of justice and therefore if you do bad to others, he will punish you with the same. He will reward you for doing good to others, especially if you have good behaviour towards animals.

3. Worship Kalabhairava

Worshipping the Kalabhairava form of Lord Shiva can also help you in pleasing Lord Shani. Kalabhairava means the God of time. Bhairava is the one who nourishes all of us and instills a sense of completeness in ourselves. He is the one who blesses us with the motivation of giving our best in whatever we do. When you worship Lord Kalabhairava, you allow yourself to give your best and fulfill every work that you do.

4. Work Hard With Honesty and Good Intention

Lord Shani is also known as the God of Karma and Yoga. The person who works hard with honesty, determination and dedication will always gain the blessings of Lord Shani. The person will never face any difficulties in life. This is because Lord Shani blesses a person according to his/her deeds. So, if you are working hard with honesty and determination, then you will be able to impress Him.

5. Perform Yagyas and Hawans

The true meaning of Yagyas means to worship, surrender, practice austerity, dedication, devotion and purity. A person who performs Yagyas with a pure soul and noble intentions will always gain the blessings of Lord Shani. This is because He is pleased upon those who follow the path of spirituality and wisdom with purity and austerity. There are many Yagyas and rituals that are performed to please all the 9 planets and ward off the negativity from your life.

6. Help Poor and Needy People

Helping poor and needy people is one of the best ways to please Lord Shani. He is believed to bestow his blessings and positivity to those who dedicate their lives to noble deeds. A person who mocks or hurts others or is always jealous of people around them can never win the blessings of Lord Shani. Therefore, instead of turning your back at someone, it is advisable that you help them in whatever way you can.

7. Worship the Peepal Tree

The peepal tree is considered to be quite dear to Lord Shani. Those who suffer from the wrath of Lord Shani are often advised to worship the Peepal Tree to seek blessings from the deity. One should light mustard oil lamps under the tree and chant the Shani mantras to seek blessings from Lord Shani.

8. Be a Devotee of Lord Hanuman

Lord Shani, himself is an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. This is because once Lord Hanuman saved Lord Shani. Therefore, Lord Shani blesses people who worship Lord Hanuman. Moreover, it is believed that when you worship Lord Hanuman, you tend to imbibe his qualities which are quite dear to Lord Shani. Hence, you will be able to seek blessings from Lord Shani.

9. Feed Food to Poor People

There are many people around the world who have no place to live and can hardly arrange food for themselves. So, if you help those people by donating food to them, especially on Saturdays, you will be able to please Lord Shani.

10. Donate Mustard Seeds and Other Black Grains

Black seeds and grains are favourite of Lord Shani. It is said that he is also fond of mustard oil and therefore, donating black mustard seeds and other black grains can help you in pleasing the deity. You can also donate mustard oil to those who are helpless and needy. In case, you want to donate them to a Brahman, then you can go ahead.

11. Remove Clutters from Your Life

There could be various things that you may need no longer in your life. Holding on to such things may not fetch you the blessings and positivity of Lord Shani. This is because these things can never allow you to have purity and austerity in your life. You may be surrounded by numerous thoughts which are quite unnecessary. This may stop you from worship and devotion.

12. Try to Live Simple and Peaceful Life

Those who are satisfied with what they have and have no greed can always live a peaceful life. If you want to please Lord Shani and free yourself from his anger, then always try to live a simple life. Living a lavish life without helping anybody to make others jealous of your wealth will only bring you the anger and negative energies of Lord Shani. Therefore, try to live a simple and peaceful life.