How Krishna Fulfilled Radha's Last Desire

How Krishna Fulfilled Radha's Last Desire

The world has probably never again seen the love that flourished between the two divine souls, Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi as Radha; they set examples not just of true love but of patience and persistence as well.

Despite there being a thousand social barriers, Radha would always recognise the sound of Krishna's flute and follow him anywhere. It is believed that once Goddess Lakshmi had said that in her every form, she would get married only to Lord Vishnu. How did Radha not get married to Krishna then?

The Divine Three And The Windstorm

It is said that since it was a dream of Radha to get married to Krishna, Lord Brahma had actually made this dream come true. As per a story, once Krishna's father Nanda was going on a journey when child Krishna was also with him. While on their way, a terrible wind storm came and Nanda could not see anything.

In fact, he felt that little Krishna had left the hold of his hand. It is said that while all this happened, Lord Brahma came and got Radha married to Krishna amidst the heavy storms. However, nobody except the divine three came to know about the incident.

Radha Visited Krishna In Dwarka

When Krishna grew up, he had to leave Gokul for Mathura and thus both of them got separated. When Krishna had finally set up his own kingdom in Dwarka, it is said that Radha went there to see him.

Though Krishna was extremely happy to see her, Radha requested him to accept her as a devotee and assign her a task in the palace, thus not revealing her true identity. Hence, Krishna agreed.

Radha In Krishna's Palace

It is said that even a sight of Krishna was sufficient for Radha to stay happy. Time passed by but the fear of separation from her beloved once again did not leave Radha. When she could not overcome the fear despite all the efforts, she thought of leaving the palace forever.

Radha's Wish

As Krishna had sensed the insecurity inside Radha's heart, he followed her. Krishna saw and stopped her asking the reasons why she wanted to leave. Requesting her not to leave, he decided to fulfil any wish she wanted. As a wish, Radha asked him just to play the flute for her, and as love flowed from the flute, Radha breathed the last breaths of her life as a human being. Helpless for a while, Krishna threw the flute away which broke into pieces.