How Hanuman Led Tulsidas to Lord Rama

How Hanuman Led Tulsidas to Lord Rama

Tulsidas was one of the most popular saint poets not only of Hindi literature but also of the Sanskrit literature. His works gained prominence in the Indian subcontinent through the Bhakti movement. A devotee of Lord Rama, saint Tulsidas used to compose poems in his praise.

However, never has Lord Rama left the love of his devotees unattended. The same happened with Tulsidas as well. His prayers were answered with the help of Lord Hanuman.

Divine Vision Alone Can Help See The Supreme

It is said that one requires divine vision in order to see the Supreme Lord as he might come in different forms absolutely difficult for the common man to recognise. Be it a saint, a priest or their popular disciples, not everyone could meet the divine easily. While some such as Prahlad went through divine and extraordinary experiences like not getting burnt even amidst fire, others such as Shabari could only meet him at old age. There were also others such as Valmiki who turned a saint from a dacoit and later wrote the epic Ramayana.

Tulsidas, Another Staunch Devotee of Lord Rama

Another such devotee of Lord Rama was Tulsidas. In his case, it was with the help of Lord Hanuman that he could meet Lord Rama. How did it happen?

Tulsidas Meets Lord Hanuman

Once with the help of a divine soul, Tulsidas came to know how he could meet Lord Hanuman. When he met Lord Hanuman, he requested his help to meet Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman advised Tulsidas that it was on a hill called Chitrakoot that he would meet Lord Rama.

Determined to see Lord Rama, Tulsidas, then headed towards the Chitrakoot hill. It is said that on the way, he met two handsome men riding horses. However, Tulsidas could not recognise that these were the brothers Rama and Lakshman. He only came to know this when Lord Hanuman told him so.

Lord Rama Appeared Before Tulsidas

The knowledge of the fact that he failed to recognise the one he loved the most, made his heart fill with despair. However, empathising with Tulsidas, Lord Hanuman told him he would get another chance to see Lord Rama. He said that Lord would come there again the next morning. So, Tulsidas waited desperately the entire night for the next morning. When he woke up and took bath the next day and was preparing the sandal paste for tilak, a little boy appeared before him.

Lord Hanuman Chants A Doha

Lord Hanuman then thought that saint Tulsidas might not recognise Lord Rama again. Hence he sang - Chitrakoot Ke Ghat Pe Bhayi Santan Ki Bheer, Tulsidas Chandan Ghisein, Tilak Det Raghubeer.

The Doha translates thus: ''Many saints gathered up on the hill called Chitrakoot, while Tulsidas makes the chandan paste, Lord Rama applies the Tilak''.

As Lord Hanuman chanted the Doha, Tulsidas immediately understood that the child before him was none other than Lord Rama. He kept staring him with all the love and devotion in his eyes.