Great Life Lessons from Santa

Great Life Lessons from Santa

The week before Christmas is filled with immense excitement and celebrations. While the preparations for Christmas are in full swing, the day offers a lot more than just the festivities and fun. Christmas Day is significant to remember all the lessons that we learn from the events associated with the day.

The loveliest part of the celebrations is the inspiration that we draw from Santa Claus.

1. Laughing Helps Rejoice

Laughing is not only important for one's health, but also for bringing positive vibrant energy into the surroundings. Since our actions affect the surroundings as well, it is for the essence of happiness in the surroundings at least that we should take life easily. It also helps to laugh away the troubles in life.

2. An Act Of Giving

There is no better satisfaction than that which comes by the act of giving. It is the act of giving which can relieve one even of all the guilts. Being able to bring smiles to others' faces makes one feel empowered and brings happiness to one's own heart.

3. Expecting Nothing In Return

While Santa gave gifts to all, he never expected anything in return. All that mattered to him was the happiness on others' faces. His selfless attitude is a great virtue that inspires us. This marks true love.

4. Not Giving Blindly

While in his legends, he used to get gifts for children, what is worth noting is that he never bought gifts blindly. He always gave what was needed and never gifted something blindly or just for the sake of giving. While we might give a chocolate to a kid who actually needs bread or food, this is actually not the right way. Like Santa, we should keep in mind the needs of the needy and then only should we choose the gift.

5. Listening Brings You Closer To People

In his legends, we often see Santa surrounded by kids who sat on his lap and talk for long hours, and they whispered their wishes in his ears. Whether he delivered as per their wishes or as per his plans, he made sure that everybody's wishes were listened to. Hence, listening to people and sharing their emotions bring us closer to people's hearts.

6. Never Forget To Do What You Love

While Santa appears as a super busy man, delivering gifts to people, crossing all the obstacles while passing from above people's houses and chimneys, he still managed to find time for the cookies and cold milk. After all, this is what kept him going. Thus, we should never forget to take out time for ourselves.

7. Santa Is Not Biased

Santa has never cared and will never do for how you look, what is the colour of your skin and where you come from. Without such differentiation, he treats all equally and fulfils everybody's wishes. Hence, our hearts should also be clear of such differences for people.

8. Surround Yourself With People Who Support

Santa in all his legends is seen surrounded by people who love and support each other, such as Mrs. Claus, the Reindeer and the elves. While being isolated is not good for mental health, all the people who surround Santa are motivated towards a common goal. Hence, we should have such people around who can offer a healthy environment.

9. Reminds Us To Be Hopeful

Santa is like a ray of hope when we are in need of something. He is that messenger of God who fulfils our wishes. Thus, God gives a ray of hope and shows us the path either through such messengers or in other similar ways. We should just not drop the hope.

10. Good And Happy All The Time

While Santa also has a life and has to deal with issues related to his personal life, how he appears before all is with a smile on his face and heart full of joy. Thus, wise Santa teaches us to be cheerful in life. While helplessness is of no help at all, your wisdom is the one that can help you with problems.