Chanakya Niti: Things You Must Do Before Starting Something New

Chanakya Niti: Things You Must Do Before Starting Something New

Chanakya was not just the political advisor of Chandragupta Maurya, he was also a great economist and philosopher as well. A great thinker, he succeeded in most of the ventures he started in his life. A man of ethics, Chanakya never found it hard to switch to being wicked when it came to his enemies.

It was all because of this practicality in him, that he could take revenge of his humiliation done at the hands of Dhananad. Not only he lived a life of success, but he even left his morals jotted down in the form of books for us to refer to. Taken from the books authored by him, here is one of his teachings in which he tells 6 things you must do before starting something new.

1. Positive Approach

We often begin a project with sufficient passion. However, this enthusiasm elopes fearing the difficulties of the path that one has to trudge along. Sometimes, success requires a few moments more of hard work. However, lacking the prerequisite determination, this enthusiasm changes into negativity and the person gives up. A consistent positive approach is needed in order to achieve a given target.

2. Think About The Support Centres

You should always make a note of not just when and where you would begin the project, but also of things such as who all can help you through the task. Research well about who all have been through circumstances similar to yours and how you can reach them. Sticking to the goal, you might have to go through times when expert advise is needed.

3. Analyse The Chances Of Success And Have A Plan B Ready

One must always know about his capabilities and should know whether he would be able to achieve his aim. If yes, then he should know about all the ways and plans he can take to reach the set target. And if achieving seems impossible, one should not forget to have a look at his next feasible option.

4. The Power Of Speech

It is highly important that one keeps total control over his speech. It is the power of speech that can convert a beggar into a king. Whatever venture one has undertaken, a lot depends on the behaviour of the proprietor. A fair behaviour invites a fair response.

5. Never Reveal Plans Before Execution

Never reveal your plans before you have executed them. Otherwise, it might have two consequences. One is that your enemies might plot against it. Another case is that people might steal your idea and defeat you in the race. Thus, it is vital that you keep your plans a secret.

6. Dare To Take Calculated Risks

Sometimes, a big success requires taking a big risk. Hence, you should have the guts to step out of your comfort zones not only to put in sufficient hard work but also to take the bigger risks. However, the risk should be well calculated and not be an instinctive one, lead merely by emotions.