Chanakya Niti: Never Disturb While These People Speak

Chanakya Niti: Never Disturb While These People Speak

Chanakya was a great philosopher, political advisor and economist. He is the author of the world-famous book Arthashastra. In one of his quotes, he has said that there are some people, while who talk, we should never jump in between to make our point.

Rather, we should listen to the conversation and derive conclusion, in order to achieve great things in life.

When Two Intelligent Minds Converse

When you see two wise people speaking to each other, you should never jump in between to share your perception on the matter. Rather, you should learn from the conversation and grab the most valuable points possible. Words of the wise are always helpful.

A Meditating Priest

As you see a priest sitting in meditation, especially near a fire, you should avoid being a disturbance intentionally or unintentionally. While this will cause a disturbance in his penance, if enraged by this, he might even curse you.

A Couple In Conversation

One should never interfere as a husband and wife are in a conversation with each other. Disturbing at such a time not only causes a poor impression of you, but might also increase misunderstandings between them, if you try to intrude and hence worsen the situation. Hence, one should not violate their privacy.

A Master Speaking To His Servant

One should not interfere when a master speaks to his servant. While this might cause confusions, you might also unwantedly become the target of the master's anger. The kind of relationship that the master might be trying to establish with the servant also gets hampered, besides creating a poor impression.